Call Tracking and Analytics

Marketing Firms in Dallas

Top Page Marketing Solutions knows what it takes to connect with Dallas customers. First and foremost, you must understand your target market and the effect of your current advertising campaigns. Our experts are adept at analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns and finding methods for improving them.

Too many companies pay more attention to what their clients want to hear rather than what will be effective for their businesses. Too many marketing campaigns fail because people behind the marketing plan did not understand who the target market for a company really is. At Top Page Marketing Solutions, we may challenge you to back up your opinions with proof of profits and we will strive to reach the most potential sales.

Local Marketing Services

As part of our stellar local marketing package, Top Page Marketing Solutions offers call tracking and analysis so you know the best ways to get sales from phone calls. Call tracking involves collecting information about people who call your business. This can be done automatically or manually depending on what you need to know.

Our analysis can help you save and earn money in a variety of ways outside of marketing. For instance, if the majority of your business comes in an hour after you open, you can save a considerable amount of overhead by opening later.

Working With a Dallas Marketing Consultant

With so many businesses online it can be hard to work with a local business. Top Page Marketing Solutions can work with businesses across the globe, but there are real benefits to being in the same area. Call tracking activities can happen in real time on your property with equipment we provide and set up. You are able to see the results first-hand and immediately see the benefits of putting our recommendations to use.

New and established businesses can benefit from call tracking and analysis. It never hurts to re-evaluate your target customer base. The results may confirm what you have been focused on all along. We may also discover a new group of potential customers for your Dallas business.