Local Map Placement

When customers come onto your website, they want to know where they can find you. With local map marketing this is possible, right on your website. It gives your visitors an instant visual of where your company is located. Today’s technology insists on offering instant gratification to consumers and local map marketing is the one of the many great ways to offer that on your website.

Top Page Marketing Solutions understands how local map optimization can maximize traffic and increase the value of your website. Websites are not only about making money. They are also there to bring your company more business at your physical store or restaurant. With our ability to use Google maps, your local business traffic will increase. Google handles over thirty times as many local business searches than Yellow Pages. With that knowledge, take advantage of searches that are becoming more specific.

Since a large majority of people use Google Maps, it makes sense to take advantage of that on your website. Consumers will have an instant appreciation for your website when they see something that they can recognize. With local map marketing, you are able to found 365 days a year. Having Google Maps right on your website is one of the many things that Top Page Marketing Solutions can do for you.

With over 300 million searches a day in the US, chances are your business is being searched for. At any given moment, you could be losing your newest client to another business that took advantage of local map placement. Not only do you need to take advantage of local map placement, you want full representation on your website. While you can have just your name on the map, you can also include other things such as your address, a picture of your business, phone number and even reviews.