The Price of SEO in Dallas

The most common question that almost any SEO firm hears is, “what does SEO cost?” This is not a question that can be given a concrete answer. SEO tactics depend on such a wide variety of factors that each client will have different pricing. At Top Page Marketing Solutions we cannot give anyone a solid number until we know exactly what your needs are.

We do not have Package 1, 2 or 3 to choose from. What we do have is customized packages for every client. You talk, we listen and then we discuss pricing. This is how we are able to offer our customers an incredible return on their investment. Rather than focusing on pricing, we focus on how we can help you and your company reach the top. Once we determine exactly what you need, then we can discuss price.

The Value of Search Engine Optimization in Dallas

What we can say is that our pricing starts at $350. From there each package is customized to fit the individual internet marketing and SEO tactics that your site needs. Rather than looking at our prices as a cost – look at them as an investment. The true cost cannot be measured until you see your results. If your sales skyrocket and you realize a large increase in sales, there will be no true cost for your SEO services. Your return on investment will absorb any cost that is involved.

When you hire us to handle your search engine optimization and internet marketing you are not buying a product or one-time fix for your website. You are buying a process. This process takes extensive research and time to develop the perfect solution for your website. You cannot purchase SEO and handle the rest yourself. There is no reset button or chance to do it over. What you do get is a very valuable service that stands the test of time. The right SEO company can greatly help your business while the wrong one can sink your company to its knees.

Dallas SEO Can Give you the Competitive Edge

If you let the right SEO company get past you, you are giving your competitors an edge that you do not have. When you decide to forgo quality SEO and internet marketing services in order to save a few hundred dollars, you could potentially be handing over thousands of dollars in sales to your competitors. Rather than letting SEO be in charge of you and your business’ impending doom, it is time for you to take charge of it by working with Top Page Marketing Solutions.

Consult with Top Page Marketing Solutions to determine exactly where your SEO needs lie. Whether you have one website or many, we can help you determine where your sites would most benefit from optimizing for the search engines. This boils down to which pages would bring you the most profit and therefore a return on your investment.