Website Enhancements

Having a web presence means more than just having a website. A basic website is not always enough for a company to be successful. If you are a company that looks for ways to maximize your return on investment, website enhancements can make a big difference. Some suggested enhancements include social media, search engine marketing, videos and blogs.

Social Media

Social media is an integrated tool when it comes to web design. Our Dallas website designers have the expertise to incorporate social media within websites. With Top Page Marketing Solutions, you have the reassurance of our expertise in all areas of web design. Our staff stays up to date with social media and is continually educated on how to make it work for our customers. With the constant changes in social media, it takes more than knowing how to use it. It takes optimal integration with your website to ensure your company’s success. 


We also offer video production for your company’s website.  The quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” makes you think about just how much a video is worth to your customers. With a well-placed video, you can educate your customers and encourage more sales.


Customers love to stay in communication with companies. It gives them a way to feel connected. Blogs are a way of giving back to your customers in a manner that they feel like they are in close communication with you. Top Page Marketing Solutions can create blog layouts for you with ways to maximize your traffic. With higher traffic, your website becomes more valuable. 

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is not only about making sure your words are properly placed. You need to have adequate word choice for your website. We can perform a website SEO review and see where you stand with your search engine marketing. We can incorporate targeted ads, paid searches and unpaid searches, promotions and special events. If you want us to brainstorm with you on different ways to maximize traffic, we can. We can also help you with web design search engine optimization (SEO).