I would like to write a reference/testimonial on behalf of Mark Crowson and Top Page Clickz. Mark has been instrumental in helping me and my company, Longhorn Insurance Group, to re-brand itself. Over a period of about three months, Mark has been the creative force in both conception and execution of an internet-based strategy of marketing which has already helped us in our quest to grow our business to another level.

When I met Mark in early 2009, Longhorn had a bland approach to doing business. We were doing business as a small, fairly successful company which was not growing and in danger of stagnating. After only one working lunch and a week of work, Mark had totally re-branded my company. The real story of this re-branding was that he actually listened to me and his concept mirrored my persona and approach to business. We became Longhorn Insurance Group (replacing my boring old dba.), acquiring our new logo only after Mark had worked behind the scenes to acquire permission to use Roberta Wesley’s famous painting as the basis for a new logo.

Mark and his staff’s creativity at Top Page Clickz does not stop at the graphic/artistic level. They helped me to understand that I could take dollars I was spending on transportation and instead commit those funds to internet marketing through the search engine optimization technology. Understanding this concept was a huge turning point for me and I now have a clear concept of how I am marketing myself and my company. Even better, I can quantify what we are doing and how much we are spending to accomplish those goals. I am already experiencing a more focused and better managed approach to doing business by strategic use of the internet. I am convinced that none of this would have occurred had I not committed our marketing strategy to Top Page Clickz.

Mark works very hard to “touch” my site on an almost daily basis. What’s more, I can call Mark and he actually answers his phone. I find that very refreshing. He can take a good old boy like me and talk to me on my level. I have learned a great deal about web page design and many phases of marketing from Mark and his staff at Top Page. In fact, that is probably Mark’s greatest strength. Mark is a marketing guy who happens to be an expert at web page design and search engine optimization. I have met plenty of guys who can do one or the other, but Mark has the “whole package” as they say.

Finally, I would like to commend Mark on his ability to help his small thinkers like me think bigger. With his encouragement, we are already moving forward to radio and video as marketing tools as well. I can assure you that none of this would have been a part of my foreseeable future without having met Mark Crowson. I honestly feel a debt of gratitude toward him and his company and know that I am truly getting a bargain by doing business with him and his company.

I would welcome the opportunity to visit with anyone personally who would like to know more specifics about how Mark has helped me and my company Longhorn Insurance Group.
Here is a quick breakdown of all the information Top Page has offered my company.
• Touches our site on a daily basis
• Search engine optimization
• Responsive to our needs and concerns
• Logo
• Branding
• Knowledgeable
• Networking

We would highly recommend Top Page Marketing Solutions to anyone who needed a logo, web page or promotional material & advice. I had the idea to re-brand the logo with a butterfly and angel wings. They said something that has wings and adding more wings might look bad but they listened to what we wanted and were instrumental in designing the perfect logo which took a great deal of creativity and patience on their part. We never felt pressure to accept something until we felt 100% satisfied. They were always prompt in responding to our questions and concerns. Mark and Crystal make a great team!!!!

We hired Mark Crowson of Top Page Marketing Solutions to redo and enhance our website several months ago. Thus far, we are pleased with their efforts in making our website stand out from all the rest. I am sure that when we meet again for our expectations of placing far ahead of our competitors that we will be pleased, I have no problem of recommending them to assist you in designing or optimizing your website.